Adriana Trigiani Shares Her Gift of Light

Mention Adriana Trigiani’s name and Kitch’s face lights up with aadrianasign_266 smile of admiration and satisfaction. Adriana is her favorite writer. Kitch gets great comfort from Adriana’s stories about her parents and her grandmothers.

On a cold, overcast April day, Adriana Trigiani came to Scranton to tell her life story.

On the day of the lecture, we drove to Scranton to register for library cards at the Albright Memorial Library so we could attend Adriana’s lecture. We skipped supper so we would be among the first in line at the Scranton Cultural Center. We were determined to get seats close to the stage, and we did, third row center aisle!

2_Boston_Marathon_explosions_aftermath Aaron Tang.

For us this was more than a night out.  It was an attempt to relieve the pain created by the heartbreaking and heroic events that were playing out in the aftermath of the Boston Marathon.

For almost 90 minutes we listened, laughed and cried during Adriana’s dynamic presentation about immigrants who maximized the opportunities of their new life in the adopted country they loved.

Midnight in America is an expression of gratitude for an inspiring and rejuvenating evening with The Queen of the Big Time.  

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