American Music 1: A Face of America Commentary

Written by Tony Mussari
Photography by Kitch Loftus Mussari
Copyright 2010
Mussari-Loftus Associates, LTD
The Face of America Project

I heard the sound of America today. It was energetic, thoughtful and filled with messages of optimism and hope.

I heard the sound of America today. It spoke of freedom, dreams and service.

I heard the sound of America today in music that was filled with thoughtful insights into the character and virtues of America on its best days.

Although not designed to connect with listeners in this way, the upbeat melodies and cleverly written lyrics had that result.

These are the words and the values the music addressed.

Let the healing water flow.
Now I really know.
I’ve been living in the past.
And it’s time to let go.

On our best days America is about looking ahead.

I think I’ll find a way.
To hold on for one more day.

On our best days, America is about perseverance.

I’m taking the long way home tonight.
I’m driving until I see the light.

Hope is central to everything America is about on its best days.

I would do anything I can.
To make your dreams come true.

America is a land of dreams dreamed and dreams fulfilled.

Do what…Do what you gotta do now.

On its best days America solves problems.

I believe in you.
Show me what it’s like to find.
Tender mercies and love so kind.

On our best days America is about belief in ourselves and service to others.

I heard the sound of America on this fine day in words composed by singer songwriter Mike Lewis. Born in Ohio, raised in New York and Oklahoma, Mike is an American with a point of view and the ability to translate the blessings of liberty, freedom, responsibility, perseverance, and kindness into music that entertains, instructs, and lights the way to a brighter day.

Now that’s a beautiful though for every day.

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