They came one by one
Walking Into The Light At GettysburgIMG_1893_350ff
This challenging new generation.

Young men and women
Neither Union or Confederate
But all inclusive in one generation.

Eloquent in speech
Open to new ideas
With optimism and perseverance of mind.

They scoured the bloody battlefield of Gettysburg
For nuggets of courage
And valor they’re sure to find.

Walking into the light
On this Hallowed Ground
Shrouded by Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address.

General Robert E. Lee
Joined them at Gettysburg
Sword in scabbard and full Confederate dress.

For these students from North Plainfield
Whom we got to know
And admire so dearly

Will return to their schoolGettysburg group
With visions of Gettysburg
And of themselves more clearly.

“We’ve come, Mr. Lincoln,”
They boldly announced,
“And your torch we’re ready to bear.”

“For on this Hallowed Ground,
Walking Into The Light At Gettysburg,
We take up your mantle to wear.”                                          

This poem was written by William J. Gaydos to celebrate the premiere of Walking Into The Light At Gettysburg on January 19, 2013, in the Lenfest theater at the Visitor Center in the Gettysburg National Military Park.