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Marywood University: A Day of Discovery

Sunday, March 24th, 2013

Marywood University: a Beacon of Leadership and Ethical Corporate Social Responsibility

Written by Tony Mussari, Sr.
Edited by Kitch Loftus-Mussari
Digital Photographs Tony Mussari
Copyright 2013
The Face of America Project
Mussari-Loftus Associates, LTD

Our people are paralyzed for want of confidence and leadership, and, unless they can be inspired with hope, we shall fail to do anything worthy of our State or Government.  Abraham Lincoln, June 30, 1863

Our Face of America journey took us to one of ourAnnouncement very favorite places this week, Marywood University. We were there to participate in the 11th Annual Forum and Conference on Ethical Leadership and Corporate Social Responsibility.

The theme for this year’s, conference, “Outbehaving Your Competition,” was interesting, informative and very appropriate in this age distractions.

These are but a few of the things we learned from the speakers and participants who gave definition and meaning to this wonderful day of community, fellowship and learning:

Gale Art_2155

1. Don’t kill the competition. Outbehave the competition. Dr. Gale Jaeger, Forum Coordinator

2. Ethical leadership is positively impacting the people around you.  Dr. Art Comstock, Chairperson, Department of Business and Managerial Science, Marywood University

3. Ethical leadership is guided by values. Ms.PamG_2204 Pamela Genske, Director of Human Resources, Prudential Retirement

4. Effective leaders listen carefully to the opinions of others. Ms. Pamela Genske.


5. Marywood University’s undergraduate NET IMPACT: Students for Responsible Business Club was the first if its kind in the world.  Dr. Murray Pyle, Business faculty Marywood University

6. Corporate social responsibility is a hard-edgedLB_2239-001 business decision. Not because it is a  nice thing to do or because people are forcing us to do it…because it is good for our business. Mr. Lane Bunkers, Catholic Relief Services quoting Niall Fitzgerald, former CEO, Unilever


7. Over 3000 Fortune 100 companies publish Corporate Social Responsibility Reports. Dr. Ann Henry, Vice President Worldwide Operations, Cisco Systems Capital


8. At Marywood, we know how important it is today to demonstrate that responsible leaders exist. Sister Ann Munley, IHM, Ph.D., President, Marywood University

9. It is important for leaders at all levels to inspire and promote right action that determines the performance and culture of the whole group. Atty. Jane Carlonis, Oliver, Price & Rhodes

Ac_sm_c10. In the law, just like other professions, ethics is the core of all activity.  We all know that ethics should prevail on any decisions we make either in business or
professionally.  Atty. Jane Carlonis

11. Nitin Nohria, the new dean of the Harvard Business School, argues that we need leaders who demonstrate moral humility. Patrick McMahon, PresidentOP_2398 of One Point quoting from an article written by Ken Starkey and published in the Economist, 2/12/13.

12.Harvard Business School professor Nancy Koehn’s, statement about “Constant Turbulence” as the new normal certainly hit the nail on the head.  John Hawley, Business faculty, Marywood University

13. This quote from John C. Maxwell, I feel it is appropriate for the ethics forum and the choices we make as humans in our personal and professional lives.  “The choices you make; make you.” John C. Maxwell. Charles Thomas, student Marywood University

14. The presentation really engaged me on so many levels; reminding me to be accountable on a professional level, not so impulsive on a personal level and to be reflective & nurturing of my spiritual level. Jill Schroth, employee Marywood University

15. I’m well aware that work does not come before family or loved ones. Chole Elizabeth Karnick, student Marywood University

16.  You cannot be afraid to fail, because from failing it will lead you to better decisions later in life. Greg Chilson, student Marywood University


Our eleven hour visit to Marywood University was filled with memorable moments of friendship, community and learning. Kitch and I were impressed by the acts of kindness we received from members of the Marywood faculty, staff and students we met during our visit.

The conference and forum helped students better understand how they can outbehave the competition. It underlined the importance of ethics and corporate responsibility as the value added that will help executives and employees build a better society at home and lasting relationships abroad.

Dr. Art Comstock, summarized this wonderful day of collegiality with these words. The message to students is this: we must stay true to values, and that will help us become ethical leaders who are driven by honesty and doing the right thing.

Dr. Ann Henry put it another way, Corporate socialGaleths_2438 responsibility makes good business sense.

Dr. Gale Jaeger was absolutely right when she told the people attending the conference they would leave feeling less cynical knowing that good things are happening behind the scenes.

Thank you Prudential, One Point and Penn Security for sponsoring the 11th Annual Forum and Conference on Ethical Leadership and Corporate Social Responsibility. In so doing, you give special meaning to the theme of the conference Outbehaving Your Competition.

Thank you Gale for all that you have done to make this conference one of the premier events at Marywood University. You are a genuine Face of America on its best day, and everyone who visited Marywood University on March 18, is in your debt.

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